Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am involved with Siberians due to my love of the breed and the enjoyment they bring to my life. I have been involved with these dogs since 1996 when I got my first pet, a wooly Siberian, Silver. I bred Silver a few times and kept a beautiful all white puppy, Lady. Later I learned a lot about Siberians on the internet. As a result of the internet reading, I realized that Silver and Lady don't have the correct traits for a sound program. My kennel started with my next dog, Rikki, a beautiful and sweet girl. For years I did conformation showing and dryland racing with my dogs. Now I am enjoying my dogs as my dear companions at a new home.

A sound Siberian is a healthy, athletic dog, free of inherited defects such as hip dysplasia, eye abnormalities, epilepsy and one who possesses good conformation. What is good conformation? Conformation is a measure of how the physical characteristics and personality of the dog compare to the AKC standard for the breed. The AKC standard defines various attributes which make the Siberian able to perform it’s original function as a medium-sized, working dog capable of pulling a sled with a light load over long distances in arctic conditions. Gaining this knowledge requires a willingness to read, listen and to observe. I have a personal desire to increase my understanding of the breed and collect Siberian books, articles, magazines and pedigrees. I involve myself in the sport of dogs and know some long time breeders from whom we seek advice. My dogs have been certified free of hip dysplasia and eye abnormalities by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of America) and CERF (Canine Eye Foundation of America).
I want you to be an informed responsible buyer and pet owner. It is my responsibility to do everything in my power to place these dogs in quality homes where they will remain as loving family members and not destroyed in a shelter. I will be glad to provide you with honest answers to any questions you have and to help you decide if owning a dog is right for you and if the Siberian Husky is the right breed for you.